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Learning objectives

In this three-part lecture, you will learn how to engage investors more effectively and how to properly manage their expectations. Concretely, in the first part, we will go over the background of the lecturer. In the second part, we will discuss what is the difference between cash and valuation, what is valuation from an investor’s perspective, and why valuation matters. The third, and last part, will explain the different valuation approaches and go into detail about the ones most relevant for an early-stage start-up. 

Topic covered in the training session: 

• Company valuation 

• Investor readiness

 • Investor engagement 

• Managing company valuation expectations

Learning objectives 

The online session sets out to provide SMEs with theoretical and practical knowledge about the most practical and recurrent sales and marketing channels within the business world, to be included in the SME’s current sales strategy for the target market addressed. This training is intended for project managers, marketing personnel and other development personnel. To better solidify the learned content real case examples will also be presented. 

 Topic covered in the training session: 

• Key aspects when designing an effective sales and marketing strategy.

 • Critical points to consider when addressing your customer.

 • Effective tools for use to when drafting a sales strategy in-house. 

• General and Specific considerations to Sell a Product: Differences between a Sales and Marketing Strategy and main challenges. 

• Strategic decisions about your product: 4P’s Product Mix 

• Channel Distribution Landscape and analysis • Customer Relationship Management: Know your sales Funnel

Learning objectives

Before stepping foot in the market, validating the need for your product in the first place is essential. This online training session will provide SMEs with general and practical knowledge about key aspects to consider when validating their business idea in the process of testing how relevant a product or concept is by conducting user research. After the completion of this course, you will be able to generate your own go-to-market strategies and viability plan when entering into potential markets of action. 

Topic covered in the training session:

• Develop a market validation analysis to apply in-company.

• Identify your potential market to target your business idea/product

• Know different real-case business methods for market validation

• The four steps of a Market Validation analysis

• How to carry out a Target Market Analysis: key points and considerations to successfully address your target market

• Different business methods applied to real case studies (examples)

Learning objectives 

This online training session will provide participants with general and practical knowledge about the legal aspects of investing in venture capital from an international point of view. You will get a general overview of the main aspects to take into account in the negotiation of a funding round and the types of legal documents to subscribe. 

 Topic covered in the training session:

 • The construction of a partner agreement for a venture capital operation. 

 • Economic agreements. Usual clause 

• Control pacts and usual clause 

• Remaining agreements 

• Preferential rights 

• Transfer to statutes of the shareholders’ agreement

Learning objectives 

The online session sets out to provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical examples that will give an overview of the main exit strategies (both direct sale to the market and stock market) and the usual reporting methods in the relation of a company with venture capital. This training session will consist of an oral presentation, which will contain some practical examples allowing the application of learned knowledge. This workshop is intended for project managers, marketing personnel, and other development personnel. 

Topic covered in the training session

• Reporting methods 

• Formal and informal exit strategies 

• Direct sales to the market (including a trade sale, secondary buy out (SBO),buyback and operations with management teams) 

• Stock market

The cluster capacity building programme of MPowerBIO - 13 courses designed to help clusters support their SMEs. This course content is free for all team members of MPowerBIO Associated Clusters. 

If you wish to enrol in this course, please contact Tatjana Schwabe-Markovic (schwabe@clib-cluster.de) or Katrin Kriebs (kriebs@clib-cluster.de) to receive the enrolment key.